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April 20, 2022

7 of the Best Apps to get as a Startup

As much as we love custom software development at StayShure, we always recommend that clients go with the easiest and fastest solutions for the best return on investment. Here are 7 of the best apps that we’ve seen to help your company go from idea to MVP.

1. Naming Your Idea- Namelix & Namechk

After you have an idea, you need a good name. Preferably one with an available domain that doesn’t cost you $10,000. How best to do this? Namelix can autogenerate an incredible variety of names for you. Find your favorites, then look on Namechk to to see how many are available across social platforms and domains. When you’ve chosen as a team, capture those accounts and domains!


2. Get Those Pre-Signups Coming with Typeform

Before you launch, building up some pre-steam is recommended. But you need an easy way to capture those leads, as well as customer research and feedback. For MVP ideation, customer survey research, and MVP pre-registrations, we recommend Typeform. It’s a beautiful, sleek, and super fast to set up survey form. You can share it as a link in and of itself or embed it on a landing page or even in an email. And it looks soooo professional! Once you use it once, you’ll want to use it for everything.

3. Want to build a community following? Use

If having a place for your potential customers or fans to hangout before and after your MVP launch would be helpful for you, then Tribe can allow you to get that community built almost instantly. Forums, leaderboards, badges, as well as incredible customizability means you can have this live in an hour and can then custom embed it into a future app. When it comes to custom app development and low-code development, Tribe is a perfect compliment to your future MVP. Fun fact- Tribe is also built by Canadians. Go Canada!


4. Still ideating customers, value, user flows, and more? Check this one out.

This one is less an app and more of a website with resources that make complicated concepts clear and simple. Some of our favorites include the Customer Journey Canvas, Riskiest Assumptions Canvas, and Persona Canvas.

5. The Best Way to Ideate- IdeaBuddy

If you are still ideating and need clarity around all core components of your business itself, we recommend IdeaBuddy. Once you use this, you’ll gladly relegate business plans to antiquity and have fun building your business idea! Not only does it make your business model, financial projects, and more easy, it even recently added an idea validation scoring function for the ideating phase. Brilliant.

6. Need digital signatures and PDF editing? Use Dochub

Dochub has been in our arsenal for years and for the admin team especially is a regular part of work life. Signing documents, pre-fillable PDF creation, and certifying documents make this an incredible remote business tool- all for one of the best SaaS prices out there.


Our final feature will save your personal life and make customer success and sales scalable. Openphone replaces the need for a company phone. “OpenPhone adds work phone numbers to your existing devices. No new hardware required; all you need is an app.” You can also use it from their web app to make and record calls while you’re working at your computer. It allows you to create customer support tickets, set work hours and custom voicemails based on time, and so much more. And- the best part- your entire company can share one phone number. So someone in Vancouver could answer at one time of day and someone in Halifax answer another, even all the way out in Sydney. Though you may want to buy some more local numbers as well. Enjoy!


+1- Appsumo!

This last one is a bonus because it’s not so much software as it is the place to find new and upcoming software with crazy discounts. Our app development company has found some of our favorite software here- including Nifty, our project management app for development. Think Slack meets Asana and Google Drive. It’s incredible.

Our Favorite Apps for Starting Your Startup

Include all of these and more. If you have a particular tech-need and want to know if there is a pre-built solution, send us a message and we’ll try to point you in the right direction. As Canadian App Developers who specialize in low-code app development, we can also help with custom app development that is 5x faster and more affordable than traditional app development.

Happy start-uping!

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