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February 17, 2023

Have you read the book Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte? It proposes a method for filtering, capturing, and organizing all of the overwhelming information that comes into our lives. The goal is that whenever you have to start a new task or project, your "personal cloud" is there for you, properly organized and accessible so that you never have to start from zero.

Why are books like this necessary? Today, we deal with 5 times more information on a daily basis than we did 30 years ago, so “personal knowledge management” has become an essential skill in the modern workplace. Additionally, the benefits of using this method are compelling! As Building a Second Brain puts it:

Your Second Brain is always on, has perfect memory, and can scale to any size. The more you outsource and delegate the jobs of capturing, organizing, and distilling to technology, the more time and energy you’ll have available for the self-expression that only you can do. (p. 228).

It’s obvious why this book appeals to individuals, but consider how building a second brain might also benefit your business.


How to Build a Second Brain for Your Company

At StayShure, we specialize in helping companies develop custom software that functions as a “second brain” for their company. Unfortunately, until recently, software development has been out of the reach of most small-to-medium companies, but now that low code makes development more efficient, it is reasonable for small companies to develop their own niche web application.

If your business is going to succeed in a fast-paced information environment, it is essential that employees don’t spend time looking for the info they need to do their work. Can you honestly say that your employees know how to quickly find information relevant to their job or, like most small companies, is your data spread across multiple software systems? Surprisingly (or not…), multiple studies have found that on average, knowledge workers spend at least one day per week searching for and gathering information that should be quickly accessible.

By contrast, customized software takes the burden off of individuals for maintaining corporate memory, helps them prioritize what information to save, and guides employees into productivity. Another advantage of using custom business software is that when your business needs change, your software can adapt to your needs.

A New Year’s Resolution: Build a Second Brain for My Company

Building a Second Brain for your company might be the best business choice you make in 2023. Imagine how much more energy you and your employees could devote to things that make your business thrive when your software isn’t fighting against you. This year, why not let StayShure help you keep your New Year’s Resolution? Book a discovery call with our CEO to build a second brain for your company today!

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