Digital Adoption for Businesses
September 21, 2022

If it wasn’t for Advertising, you wouldn’t be reading  this.

Our CTO having just quit and the Pandemic having just squashed our still infantile app release, it felt like our startup lost before it even started. 2 years of prep work for it to be ended in just a month. Yet it was around this time that the next big idea would hit me.

With our company shut down and a lockdown in effect, I had some time to rethink and re-strategize. Also to rest, cook, and get extra exercise while learning from podcasts. One of these podcasts had an ad that I peaked my curiosity at the time but which I did not take initial action on.

A few months later, when it seemed that the lockdown and pandemic would not end anytime soon, I started thinking again. How do I digitally adapt to lead this company without a CTO? I had been trying to find a CTO for hire of sorts through equity, but that didn’t work. I also didn’t want to be at their mercy if they left again due to personal commitments, a job offer, or because they didn’t like our current tech stack and wanted to start over. Then I remembered that ad. It told me about a low-code platform where I could build an app without needing to know how to code.

I eventually found that platform and started playing around with it. What took 3 developers 3 months to build I surpassed in just 3 weeks by myself. Within 2 months, I had built a fully functional app, won 1st place in a pitch competition, and relaunched our company. Without a CTO. More on that story and how that startup was acquired here.

The point is- you’re now reading a blog on the site of the company that was inspired by that event. The digital transformation that I experienced, becoming my own fractional CTO for hire, enabled us to build our tech at a fraction of the cost and 5x-10x faster than traditional methods.


Had that company never invested in their digital presence and advertising, I as the CEO and our team of 17 wouldn’t exist. The 25+ startups and 20+ businesses we’ve in the past 2 years would either not have started, gone with a poorer choice of a company, or spent far more money and time than with us. The 5 of our team members who were able to move to their dream city because they had remote work would not have been able to. Digital presence, advertising, getting your word to people who need your product matters.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, in his profound book, Business Secrets from the Bible, gave a profound insight that I have never forgotten. God has so built designed the world’s economy that the more people you help, the more money you earn. If you add value to their life, then you are helping people. We need to prioritize helping others by showing them that your value is an option!

So if you genuinely believe that your service, product, or tech can have a profound impact and is one of the best options for your potential clients, then your digital presence matters. You have an obligation, and your own best interest, to invest in your own digital adoption to make sure that more people hear from you, find you, understand your message and offer, and can easily navigate your site to convert to paying customers. If you’d like to learn more about how to do that and to get your free 12 month digital roadmap guide, we’d love to chat with you!

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