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With our 100% Canadian development team, experience the quality and dedication that we're known for. Our combined experience offers a highly diverse range of industry expertise and knowledge, whether you're a small/mid-sized business, or 100+ employee corporation. Get to know our team below!

Aksel Roughsedge
Product Developer
Greater Vancouver, British Columbia

I’m a Front-End Developer from British Columbia, Canada. I love learning, and taking on new challenges that test me. My passions include hiking and rock climbing 🧗‍♂️.

Amanda Bicalho
Software Developer, UX/UI Designer
Bedford, NS

Hey there, I'm Amanda, and I'm all about diving headfirst into challenges with a big ol' dose of creativity and a ton of enthusiasm. I'm passionate about UX/UI design and always on the lookout for the latest tech trends. My mission? Making digital experiences not just user-friendly, but downright enjoyable. When I'm not lost in the world of design, you'll catch me painting with watercolors, immersing myself in all things artsy, or just hanging out with my feline buddies. 🐱🎨

Jeremy Atkins
Co-Lead Developer
Halifax, Nova Scotia

I am passionate about life long learning and helping out the people around me. My hobbies include: cyber security, sports, music, reading manga, and playing video games with friends.

Jesse Ramey
Product Designer
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Designer, developer, gamer, musician, photographer- I love technology and the solutions and entertainment it can provide. I try to create things that are both effective and appealing in whatever ways I can. UI & UX design are an artform of communication, and it's always my goal to make a masterpiece.

Joe Molina
Head of Operations, COO
Cranbrook, British Columbia

My name is Joe, and I currently reside in the beautiful East Kootenays, Canada. With over 10 years of professional experience in Design, Branding, Marketing, Business Operations and more, along with my current role as Head of Operations at StayShure, my skillset has equipped me to be a swiss-army knife, especially in tech, digital media, and management. You’ll find me thriving when I can collaborate vision with skill to innovate and grow together with our team, our clients, and the people we get to serve together.

Josh Chalmers
Head of Discovery
Swift Current, Saskatchewan

As your Head of Discovery, my expertise in higher education, IT, and business is complemented by a hands-on approach in tech consulting. With a Master's in Theology and experience co-founding a college level tech program with Nathan Tymos (our CTO), I bring a unique blend of academic knowledge and entrepreneurial skill. My role is centered on providing innovative and efficient solutions tailored to meet your needs, always with a keen eye for detail and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

Nathan Tymos
Chilliwack, British Columbia

I love tech, my family, Jesus, and investing. I do the difficult technical stuff.

Noah Mah
Head of Design
Vancouver, British Columbia

Hi, I’m Noah. My background is in design and development. I have a passion for helping people! Outside of work, you can find me playing basketball 🏀, exploring nature 🌲, or volunteering in my community 😇.

Sunpreet Singh
Head of APIs
Toronto, Ontario

I am an engineering graduate with experience in IT who decided to make the leap into starting my own low-code startup. I've come to love low-code so I'm now working with the StayShure team.