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August 4, 2023

Extraordinary Results with Less Effort: How a Fractional CTO Will Help Your Business

Are you in charge of your company’s technology but constantly struggling to keep up due to a lack of time and resources? As Michael E. Gerber emphasizes in "The E-Myth Revisited," the key to success is creating efficient systems that free you from the need to constantly think and make decisions. At StayShure, our Fractional CTO services are specifically designed to help you develop and implement these systems so that you can achieve extraordinary results with less effort.

Advice from “The E-Myth Revisited”:

"The E-Myth Revisited” insists that the actual value of your business lies in its systems, not its products or services. By creating precise and efficient systems for your company's technology, you can reduce the need for constant decision-making and free up your time to focus on other essential aspects of your job. At StayShure, our fractional CTOs specialize in developing and implementing efficient systems and processes that help businesses succeed.


Make Sure Your Business Doesn’t Need You:

Moreover, Gerber reminds us that "if your business depends on you, you're never really free. You're just kidding yourself." This statement is especially true regarding managing technology within a company. If you are the only person responsible for your company's technology, you will never truly be able to step away and take time off without worrying about everything falling apart. By leveraging StayShure’s Fractional CTO services, you can create systems that enable your company to operate independently of you, giving you the freedom and flexibility to focus on other essential aspects of your job or even take some much-needed time off.

Start Creating and Implementing Efficient Systems Today:

If it's true that the value of a business lies in its systems, then you can add value to your company and position it for long-term success by leveraging StayShure’s Fractional CTO service. So, if you're feeling the weight of managing your company's technology, Book a discovery meeting that fits your schedule, or take our assessment quiz to see if hiring a Fractional CTO is right for your business.

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