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With our rapid app development, StayShure helps startup and enterprise tech be built 5x faster.
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We use innovative technologies and strategies to develop up to 5x faster; this speed advantage is proven to help increase startup success by up to 3x.

If you're an existing company or enterprise, this means you get to use your custom innovation in a quarter or less- not a year down the road. We've built some projects in less than a month for enterprise clients.

We specialize in Fintech, Edtech, Marketplaces, and business automations, though anything is possible! With our fractional CTO for hire service, you can leverage the entire talent of an agency for less than the cost of a developer.
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Built 100% in Canada by developers and entrepreneurs with their own exits, record-setting growth, and clients that are raising capital and growing.
And yes- that means our work can be SR&ED refundable!

And we do it the best way possible

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Average of 6-12  Months to Build
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Little to no business background
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Overtime = Pay MORE
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Unclear, infrequent communication
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Stuck paying retainer fees- no transition plan
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3-12 Weeks to Build- 5x Faster
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Built by Experienced Entrepreneurs
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Overtime = Pay LESS
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Live project management platform for real-time updates
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We can be your team or train your team to take over
but don't just take our word for it
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Non-technical founder? We'll bridge your technology gap like a cto-for-hire.
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We've built Fintech appliications like Settlr, SUMS, GoTRL9, and Quickly, Marketplaces like Rentbridge, Glou, List my Furniture, Local Babysitter, and Reesale. Company dashboards & automations like Pivot for SFU, a custom sales presentation software for sMedia, and auto-label generation for Rare Character Whiskey. These, and many more!
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StayShure CEO Alex

"Choosing Stayshure means getting to market months ahead of the competition. This ensures maximized profits, overall longevity in the marketplace, and a 3x greater chance at success."

- CEO Alex Pezzutto
we accept just 1-2 new clients per month

We prioritize growth with current clients and want you to know that you'll be client #1 when we partner together. If you've got a great idea and founding experience, let's connect today to see if we're a good fit.


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