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February 17, 2023

So you have decided that you want to hire StayShure for software development. Congratulations, we are about to become very good friends – if friends mean lots of communication! As an agency specializing in low code app development, we take pride in frequent communication by utilizing the best and most efficient tools available.

Nifty: Project Management Communication

App development moves fast, so our communication needs to be as efficient as possible. The first tool we use to communicate is our project management tool called Nifty. Nifty provides space for messages and discussions, task management, and the ability to share files quickly. Once your project begins, we will send an invitation to join your project’s Nifty board. In Nifty you will be able to send instant messages to your project leader and observe what tasks the app development team is actively working on. Nifty has a terrific app and it is easy to monitor your project’s progress while on the go. We aim to respond to all client messages within an hour of receiving them.

Sample of Nifty - Supademo:

Komodecks: Asynchronous Video

Not everything can be shared easily by text, so we also love using another tool to communicate with our clients called Komododecks. Komodecks allows us to send our clients narrated video recordings regarding the progress of the app’s development. These videos arrive with both a traditional recording and a “click-based” guide where you can see a screenshot every time the user clicks on an element on the screen (so you can easily skip ahead to the relevant part of a video).

Sample of Kmododeck - Komododeck

Gleap: Capturing User Feedback

Once your app development project gets to the point where a user can interact with it, we love to get real-time feedback from our clients and users. For this reason, we provide all of our low code Bubble-based users with a free tool called Gleap. Many websites have a help bot where you can submit feedback, but Gleap takes this a step further by allowing the user to highlight the relevant area of the screen where a bug is identified or a feature request is necessary. Gleap is fantastic for providing feedback to your developers, and then later, to your own customers.

Sample of Gleap

Move Fast and Make Things:

App development and technical support require significant communication but using the right tools can lessen the communication gap significantly. We look forward to getting to know you better!

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