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August 19, 2022

Purpose-driven App Development

Being an app developer does not have to be mundane. “The Purpose-Driven Life”, popularized by Rick Warren, further popularized by “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek, and even earlier masterfully ideated by Viktor Frankly in “Man’s Search for Meaning”- the idea of having a deeper purpose behind what you do energizes and gives hope to your time today, even what is mundane. Through sharing our story as app developers in Canada, we hope you can be inspired to pursue your own why, your deeper purpose.
StayShure started as a software development company not because we thought “software development is cool” or even “this will make a lot of money” but because, when we discovered the power of low-code, we said “this is going to change everything!” Being able to build apps 5x faster, go to market faster and with less money, means more and more ideas can survive and thrive to impact the world. To start, we believed that we could be a catalyst for positive change by empower startups to make their mark on the world.
It was as we started growing that the deeper purpose that I had behind my life as a whole was transferred to the company and adopted as our vision, with the whole team behind it. Beyond just fintech app development, edtech app development, mvp app development, and startup software building in general was the opportunity to leverage the profits that we’d generate, and the software that can build, to solve the world’s problems.
So our team now has two BHAGs (big, hairy, audacious goals), that we are aiming to achieve:
  • Turn 1/3 of the world’s deserts into farms. This is called The Eden Project.
  • Rebuild the entire Canadian education system and inspire the world to follow suit. This is called *Lux Academy (*name subject to change).
These are our 50 year goals. Since most of our team members are around 30 or younger, these are things we believe we can accomplish in our lifetime, with a generational plan to pass the torch. They solve incredibly important issues- with the Eden Project simultaneously reversing the effects of climate change, increasing our ability to generate food and feed the planet, employing refugees, and creating new communities and homes. Lux Academy is then aiming to leverage the power of modern technology and understanding how we learn to build a school that is experiential, focused around character and emotional/social development, and which teaches kids to be curious learners with the ability to adapt. Teachers no longer teach, they mentor. Class sizes are capped at 12 but everyone in the school knows each other. It’s about rebuilding to solve today’s issues, not the industrial era’s.
But how do we translate such massive goals back to today? To start, we’ve reverse-engineered how we’ll get there, so we can see that our first few steps are small and accomplishable by our current team. We’re building a simple edtech app to solve current problems this Fall which we aim to evolve to become the technical infrastructure and AI-powered datahouse for our future tech. For the Eden Project, we are doing cost assessments and are having our core team being trained practically in permaculture techniques while building connections in the places we intend to do our pilot project.
When we’re not actively doing one of those, or are not directly involved, we can remember that the work we are doing today is enabling that for the future. Providing the funds, the skill set, the foundation, making the connections, or even just helping us survive long enough to get there. Some days have more hope and excitement than others. But even when working on a project for a client we can say “this fintech app is going to transform how startups connect with investors” or “this edtech app will make it so that anyone, even those with learning challenges, can learn to start a business.” It’s about translating the small task in front of us into the massive ripple effect that it will have on the world.
This is why we love being an app development agency. Software has the power to change and energize the world. We look at the pandemic and tech is what kept the world afloat. Traditional businesses were able to adapt and survive with digital transformation. Tech businesses thrived and boosted the economy to make up for the struggles elsewhere. There has been no better time to be an app development company in Canada, or to be a startup building their MVP to go to market.

Build your software with a purpose. And no matter how mundane or difficult today is- remember your purpose. The world will thank you soon enough.

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