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November 9, 2022

Why is Microsoft Access the Original Low Code and How Can I Transition to Web 3.0?

What is Microsoft Access and What are the Benefits of Using it?

Microsoft Access is a database management system that enables users to create and maintain a database. It is an easy-to-use tool that has been around for more than two decades and is still used daily in many industries, especially the financial planning industry.

Microsoft Access has many benefits. It is easy to use, supports many different file formats and is compatible with other Microsoft products such as Excel. Additionally, it provides a simple way for non-technical users to make changes to their databases without having to learn SQL, the language that drives database systems like SQL Server.

Unfortunately, this software is now more than two decades old and more and more third-party tools that it depends on are shutting down, sometimes costing companies $100,000’s in short-term fixes while they search for a solution. Luckily there’s a new kid on the block in Web 3.0 called low-code that can help with an affordable custom solution-transition.


Microsoft Access vs Web 3.0- Which One Should You Choose?

Access provides a simpler environment for developing databases while Web 3.0 provides a better user experience with low code software tools to develop different applications and websites in less time.

The question of whether to transition from ms access to low code development or not is a difficult one. The answer depends on the business needs and objectives. Would your company benefit from being able to connect the database to incoming data sources, to forms for clients, to client in take on websites, or to export the data to CRMs, accounting tools, or the like? The ability to integrate into other tools is the first big value add.

The next value add is that, in an increasingly remote-first world, your database can be accessed from home by your staff. It can be in an easier to use, and to not break, environment by focusing only on the inputs and not the equations. This also means that clients could interact securely with their own data if a client portal was built.

The traditional methods of developing applications are being replaced by the new web 3.0 technologies like low code app development, which is an excellent way to gain more agility and usability in the application development process.

Low code app development is a software development process that is less time-consuming and expensive for businesses, as it does not require coding knowledge or an IT team with deep expertise in programming languages but can instead focus on design, function, and usability. The focus is on the product, not a complex series of scripts.

And lastly, with regard to cost- low-code is far more affordable to maintain, faster and easier to build, and therefore most clients will recoup their cost within the same year that they make it, and will then save from the increased productivity and automations that result from it.

Curious to learn about other possibilities? Explore some more options of what a custom application could do for your company here.

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