Low-code App Development
April 14, 2022

How to Build an App in 30 Days

Like a great many inventions in history, things often start out complex and then quickly move to something more accessible to the masses; automobiles, telephones, computers, smartphones to name a few.
If you wanted to build a website 10 years ago you needed to learn how to code or pay someone to do it. Now we have custom software like Wix and Squarespace that allow you to develop your own website, and connect it easily to whatever MVP you’re currently testing.

‘Low Code’ and ‘No Code’

are the terms that refer to app development softwares that are allowing the process of developing your own apps, software and programs to be easier, faster and more intuitive. Whether to do it yourself or hire a low code app developer, gone are the days from having to build something from scratch.
Think of Low Code and No Code as the Lego Bricks of the app development world, you can put together a structure quickly and efficiently without having to create your own bricks. You can build out your MVP in a fraction of the time it would have traditionally taken, and as a result, get to market faster, test your ideas faster, and beat out the competition faster.
10 year ago if you had a good idea for a movie you had to have connections in Hollywood or spend years working in horrible conditions hoping a production company would give you a second glance and give you your ‘big break’.
Now however Amazon Prime and Netflix are leveling the playing field for good content. If you have a good idea - you can get it out there and let the masses decide if it’s any good. You can even test on Youtube with nothing more than your phone.


No Code and Low Code specialists are doing something similar in the software development world. If you genuinely have a good idea, you can get it out there fast and see if your target demographic actually likes your MVP. If not, you have time to edit, change and relaunch and not break the bank in the process. Low-code is democratizing software development.
So no more waiting for your big break. Jump the barriers of entry and let your good idea speak for itself. Try your hand with Low-code tools like Bubble for general web app development, Tribe.so for communities, Adalo for mobile app development, or a Notion+Super or Airtable+Softr combo for your custom mini-sites and databases. With many of these solutions, you can build your simple idea in less than 30 days! More complicated ones can still be built in a fraction of the traditional app development time.
Not sure where to start? Send us a message with some details about your idea and we can advise on which tools are best.

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