Low-code App Development
August 19, 2022

Don’t Know the First Thing about Programming? No problem.

The most popular Ted Talk of all time is titled, ‘Do Schools Kill Creativity?’ Irrespective of where you land on the topic (and I’d argue that it’s not really a two sided issue) no one can deny the internet, and specifically Youtube’s colossal impact on how the learning landscape has changed.
Colleges used to be the repositories of all higher learning; access to things you couldn’t learn anywhere else. Now however they are more reliquary than repository, the pioneer village of the way that we used to learn or cave paintings on the proverbial wall. We needn’t go farther than the  smartphone in our pocket to access anything any institute of higher learning can provide.
This is particularly the case if you’re interested in software development; the internet is THE  place to learn. Google, Apple and IBM don’t require an employee to have a college degree anymore. What they do require is competence in the field, and to self educate and to stay up to date with the newest technologies.
With the arrival of No Code and Low code software development, more people than ever are either hopping into the software development space or having an idea turned into a business because it’s easier than ever to have your idea quickly and efficiently turned into reality.
If you’ve got a great idea that’s been bouncing around the old brainbox, open Youtube, do some research and check out the world of No Code and Low Code- no college degree required.

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