Digital Innovation Strategy Assessment
April 9, 2024

How a Digital Innovation Strategy Assessment Can Future-Proof Your Business

The Digital Innovation Strategy Assessment (DISA), designed by StayShure, is a comprehensive process that critically analyzes and evaluates a business’s digital capabilities and strategies. It is a pivotal tool for comprehending where a company stands regarding digital maturity and determining the necessary steps to enhance its digital innovation strategy.

At its core, DISA goes beyond mere technology; it's about strategically aligning digital initiatives with your overall business strategy to drive substantial growth and foster innovation. This detailed process delves into your business's digital processes and technology stack, scrutinizing technology infrastructure, digital skills within the team, current digital strategies, and their alignment with your overarching business goals.

Enhancing Your Digital Innovation Strategy with DISA

In an era of rapidly evolving digital technology, DISA is crucial in helping businesses stay competitive and agile. A staggering 33% of companies not investing in their digital innovation strategy stagnate or lose revenue. According to a 2022 BDC study, those investing in advanced technology are 5x more likely to experience rapid growth, launch new products, and expand their productivity.

How a Digital Innovation Strategy Assessment Can Future-Proof Your Business

By undergoing a digital assessment, companies can precisely identify areas for enhancement or redirection in their digital innovation strategy to maintain competitiveness. A digital assessment will:

  • Uncover hidden opportunities to refine processes.
  • Guarantee optimal use of the best tools in alignment with your digital innovation strategy.
  • Eliminate redundancies in your tech stack to optimize cost efficiency.
  • Identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in your digital strategy, allowing your business to proactively address these challenges.

The significance of DISA becomes increasingly clear considering the fast pace of digital technology advancement. Businesses that conduct a DISA are more adept at adapting to new trends, technologies, and evolving customer demands, ensuring they are never left behind.

Get Started Future Proofing Your Business Today:

Investing in DISA is crucial not just for adapting to present-day challenges but also for securing a resilient and innovative future. As technology continues to evolve, DISA ensures that your business is not only keeping pace but is also poised to lead in the digital world. To begin transforming your digital innovation strategy, book a free discovery meeting that fits your schedule.


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